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Mon 8-01: I showed up for BJJ and nobody was there. My karate sensei/gym owner takes this class, and he was on his way back from a tournament in Georgia, so he probably canceled it without telling anybody but the instructor, which is not unusual. 15 min stepmill, 3 mile run. I'm glad I made use of the gym time, but I really wanted to gi grapple. I look forward to it so much every week. Sad face.
Tue: Brief pad work with an ex-NFL BJJ player who was nice enough to hold the pads and give me combos for about 10 minutes, then 2 mile run. I had a terrible migraine today and I'm going to have to ice both my Achilles later.
Wed: rested
Thur: 3 mile AM run, then judo, which was super awesome. My sensei gave us the demanding workout we'd had a frank discussion (I cried, but not on the mat)about 2 weeks prior. I got sick as shit of so much uchikomi and talking and 15 min left for randori at the end. That's ridiculous IMO.
Fri: 3 mile run
Sat: Judo, a lot like Thur, then 2 mile run.
Sun: rested. I'm supposed to test for green belt next Saturday, but my uke hasn't been around as much as I'd like and wants to practice Monday evening at the dojo, which is unrealistic b/c it's usually very crowded then, with no room to put mats down.

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