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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
1. No one posted any points about why im wrong.

2. How can someone say im wrong when this is based on opinion?? I think your actions were messed up and i stand by that.

3. I dont see any proof that iv been a hypocrite and no one has posted a decent reasoning to support that. And that is because i have not been hypocritical.

4. I thought when you posted "I finally came to my senses" you realized how stupid you have been acting.

5. I didnt start this back up, you guys did.

6. Put me on ignore if that makes you happier. Im not going to change my beliefs just because you say a few bad things about me. Im not 15 and me believing that a father/grown up deserves some respect is certainly not something that should make you believe i am. If anything i think that the stuff you did in this whole Charlie-Pheelgood ordeal, is something a punk 15 year old would do. But i know you are not 15 and i also dont consider you trash, which is why it surprises me that you acted so poorly during your Charlie Z obsession.

Thats that man
Ignore me if you want to, it wont make a difference to me. I didnt start this back up you and that other guy did. Its funny that you are telling me you are going to ignore me when it is you who decided to bring this back up, i should be the one to threaten to ignore you, but i wont do that since i dont care enough to ignore you or anyone else. So it is what it is, my opinion on the matter wont change.

Your move bud
Really dude? Did you not read my last post? You just did exactly what I said you were doing. I feel like I'm talking to a ******* wall.

LOL Sideways really? I leave for a couple hours and see another full page where you are responding to every other post. Just because you write a novel every other post doesn't make you right or accurate. Anyone who's non biased and reading this thread can see how hypocritical you have been. I would be shocked if you're over 15 years old because you sure don't seem to use reason at all. It seems like every time someone points you out to be wrong / hypocritical you just post 3 paragraphs of crap about why you don't think so... when you obviously are.

Please don't make me add you to the ignore list with UFC_OWNS. I really wanted him to be the only one to hold that privilege.
I really didn't want to do it. But it was your decision. Welcome to ignore. You and OWNS can be buddies. Let me know when you grow up.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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