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So its been an exceptionally long time since my last post. Memory serving, (since scrolling down to look at the last time stamp would be too simple) it's a little over a month.

In that time, I moved out and got an apartment with a friend. And have spent this entire past month pretty much just figuring out how to live not at home. I was woefully unprepared, something that surprised me, considering I believed I was pretty self sufficient. But now that those stupid things are in order I can get back to training.

Two days ago:
Just did some shadow boxing, stretching, and range of motion stuff. I felt pretty stiff from the inaction.

Some padwork. Neglected a sufficient warmup so I kind of lost it earlier than hoped, but my ability to sustain activity hadn't lost much intensity in the layoff. I recorded the session with the hope that I could potentially Youtube it and get some of those oh so positive critiques the internet has to offer (can you sense the sarcasm?), but there was some kind of error in my partners camera and it only recorded 2:36 seconds. So, pretty much just the jab, and jab-cross to wake up the muscles.

On the subject of those two combos, damn, I was dropping my lead pretty bad and flaring my elbow when I threw a cross, I need to spend some time in front of a mirror working on keeping my straight punches tighter and the hands a bit higher.

The only positive I can find in that session was my partner commented on how my lead hook at the end of the jab-rear uppercut-lead hook combo felt pretty powerful for a lead hook. Which I attribute to having better developed footwork and core movement than I've had in the past.

I was very excited for the idea of being on my own and able to buy the foods I want and not what someone else buys for me. In theory this is fantastic, in application, when I walk into the super-center, I'm like a nine year old sprinting down the toy aisle. I buy all that healthy shit, but then I also take a swing down fat-kid-alley, and we all know how those things turn out...

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