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I have said it so many times, no one seems to consider it. TUF SYSTEM. The answer to all of this is sat right in front of everybody, born out of the need for shorter fights to suit a reality TV show.

It eliminates more grey areas in judging, it encourages aggression, less fighters will gas with a 2 round mentality, and dry hump fights will only have to last 10 minutes. If a 3rd round tie breaker is needed, the fighters should have enough energy to really try and secure the victory, it won't be a boring final round because both guys will feel like they could easily lose if they don't try.

I see literally NO disadvantages to changing to TUF system, only advantages. Title fights can be 4 rounders with a 5th round tie breaker, if a fighter dominates for the first 3, it ends at 3.

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