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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Actually if you want to get into, you can tell more from his body language towards women and men.

And with women

Now look at his hips, notice his hips are pressing towards men and away from women, when he has two women on both sides of him he pushes his hips back. When Men are attracted to someone they stand straight and close, when they aren't they move away. Also looking at the video notice he often covers his genitals with his hand...that's a sign in insecurity, his smile stays plastered, and when he doesn't need to be near the women he moves the furthest away from her.

He also put a guy's ear in his mouth, that's pretty gay, I don't have a problem with it, but his body language say's he's gay.
...well if you were actually going to be serious about this you probably should've picked better pictures. All three of those women are ugly as **** I don't care if the dude was James Bond no one is going to get all touchy feely with those creatures.

And no, not be honest I was barely looking at Jake and I certainly was not looking at his package...maybe it's YOU who is a little suspect here...hmm....maybe a little wishful thinking?

I watched the video and no I don't see what you are talking about.

1: :44 Jake puts his hand in his pocket.

2: 1:02 Jake lifts his shirt to put his Iphone in said pocket.

3: Jake plants the attractive Asian with his hands at his sides.

I fail to see the insecurity bro. Maybe it's just me.

Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
Sheilds is a single parent if anyone is wondering. I don't think he is gay, but that picture with him sitting on a dude's lap is pretty suspect.
Yeah no ****. There are plenty of pictures of him with girlfriends and actual attractive women. Plus it's obvious(child) that he's had sex with women.

I'm not saying he isn't bisexual though, it's just funny that people pretend that bisexuality or just bi-curiousness doesn't exist and he must be gay because he has some suspect pictures.

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