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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Can still blame Scott Coker for all this bull sh1t seriously, fcuking greedy fat pig sold out what was a rising promotion that treated fighters with a little dignity and honour and now look at it just a few months later.

The greed of that fat pig disgusts me seriously the guy had to be worth more than his far share of dollars anyway, he cant have been strapped for cash or needy in anyway what so ever, I doubt he would have ever from now till the day he dies have needed more cash than he already had before he sold out, yet that was not enough obviously for that greedy fat fcuk

Fcuk you Scott Coker, Fcuk your Promotion, I hope you enjoy the rest of your days laid out with a stable full of hookers waiting to suck your cock because god knows you have to pay for sh1t like that cos no way on earth would you ever attract a fit women to get down on you any other way, without the cash we all know best you could do would be a retarded size 24 smelly fat slag desperate enough to take whatever she could get. But know this all the money in the world is not going to chance the fact you are just a little fat ugly greedy scumbag.
A bit aggressive, but i agree in a lot of ways.

BTW, this is what Cocker had to say:
"Well, you know, Mauro, that whole thing about Alistair (Overeem), I think it's been documented," Coker said. "I think it's been regurgitated over and over so I don't know if we have to get into that. But with Valentijn (Overeem) and Marloes (Coenen), you know, right now, there's only so many TV spots, as you know, until the middle of next year. And, uh, they're, um, you know, in this business, you've gotta keep winning. So, to me, it was a situation where Valentijn had that loss, I believe in June, so that was already in the works anyway. It just seems sudden to everybody because it just all happened this week. But that was already on its way for Valentijn. The slots are going to be for the fighters that are victorious right now. We have a lot of athletes under contract and we have to get everybody fights and there's only so many slots. There's only so many TV dates, we only have two more TV dates on the big show before the end of the year. September is already full, December is getting full and then January is hopefully are finals and that's going to have a full card already. So in fairness to the athletes, why just let them hang around? It's a much fairer situation to let them go fight elsewhere and create another future somewhere else."
And i'm gonna say this:

A champion lost a fight?! Let's cut him/her?!

I suggest every fighter should get cut after he/she loses. Because...what the have to keep winning, right?!

If winning is what it really counts, i have a question: Why the f*uck guys like Lawler, Smith, Daley or Feijao still have a job in SF?!

If i remember corectly they're on losing streaks also.

What a piece of s*hit...

Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
limba, it may partly be Dana strutting his stuff. But the athletic commisions can also have alot of input in this scenario, don't forget that
This is all ZUFFA.

Now that i think about it...I'm surprised they didn't cut Kharitonov



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