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Menjivar took the latest decision:

Round 1 - The fighters trade punches, clinch and then fight for position. Pace puts Menjivar against the cage, but Menjivar circles away and grazes his opponent with a head kick. Menjivar misses on a combo and eats a low kick. Menjivar lands a high kick, but Pace clinches. Menjivar balances out of a takedown attempt. They reset and trade lunging shots from distance. They then circle and stare down each other looking to counter. Pace lands a low kick, and Menjivar connects with a kick to the groin that forces a timeout. A shake of the hands restarts things. Both are punches and kicking, but little is landing. They reset. Menjivar wings a punch, but Pace clinches and takes the fight to the mat. Menjivar works butterfly guard, and Pace moves to side control. Menjivar rolls to his knees, and Pace takes his back and locks in the body lock. Menjivar stands, but Pace clings to him. Menjivar fights off the choke with the monkey on his back. Menjivar is screwed though, and Pace locks in the choke. Menjivar breaks free of it, though, but Pace still clings to his back before slipping off. Menjivar immediately launches wild punches, but little lands. They reset. Menjivar lands a nice body shot before the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Pace thanks largely to the submission attempt, though it was a great escape for Menjivar.

Round 2 - Menjivar is the aggressor early, and he gets throw a low kick. He then catches one and fires off a punch. Menjivar works some low kicks and then body kicks. Menjivar lands body punches. Nothing is landing solid, but they're not doing a ton of damage. Menjivar lands a front kick and then leg kicks. Menjivar unloads a nice combo, and Pace must circle away. Menjivar wings a nice overhand right and then a spinning back kick that's barely checked. Menjivar is gaining confidence. Pace covers up against the cage and eats some kicks and elbows before circling off. Pace checks the following punches and resets. Menjivar's next combo gets through, though. He follows with a low kick, but Pace shoots and gets the takedown. Pace pins an arm with his knee. He then looks for a guillotine from the top before flattening out Menjivar and working from half guard. The round ends there. scores it 10-9 for Menjivar for the early-round damage.

Round 3 - Menjivar misses with a high kick but lands the low kick. Menjivar lands another low kick and just misses eating a counter right. Menjivar grazes Pace with an overhand right and then follows with another that's more flush. Pace looks to clinch, but Menjivar breaks it off. Menjivar lands a right and continues following with the same punch that keeps missing. Pace tries a straight left, but Menjivar tags his opponent with a kick to the junk that forces the male audience members to grimace. Little lands as the fighters bob in and out of range. Pace lands a nice combo, but Menjivar easily shakes it off. Menjivar takes a low kick but answers with his own. The fighters trade clinch, and Pace stings his opponent with a knee to the eye that causes Menjivar's eye to close. Pace chases after him while he tries to recover. Menjivar's eye still is closed. Pace stalks, but Menjivar is staying light-footed. Pace lands some lunging jabs but nearly eats a haymaker when rushing in with a knee that does connect. It's a close round and fight, but scores it 10-9 for Pace thanks to the effective knee. Ivan Menjivar def. Nick Pac via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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