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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Not soon. I have friends living in London exactly where they are going on. Luckily their homes are still standing. It's spreading all over the UK now.

The police aren't doing enough. They're understaffed and taking literally hours to arrive on scene. London is literally in pieces right now. I really wouldn't be surprised to see a landmark destroyed soon, like the London Eye or Big Ben.

It started as a peaceful protest. Now ALL point and reason has gone, and the chavvy scum of this country are literally setting it on fire and destroying it.

They need to bring the army in, NOW. It's horrible how this is being done by British people. Shoot these ****ers and bring order back to the country tbh, I could't care less about the irony, these disgusting human beings deserve it. People WILL start dying soon, it's sheer luck no one has yet.

Yes, the Western Society showing their true colors ones again!! We could learn so much from other parts of this World but no one listens and honors their way of living and Respect to their fellow human beings.

Those Riots won't stop in London or Vancouver.. they will go around the Western World.

France is next!!

edit: you want to know why? See the posts below..
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