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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
If you want to ignore the simple facts, thats up to you. Like I said earlier, people do not appreciate their people and behaviour in order to learn from them how to behave in public and how to treat another human being.

A small percentage? Dude, you and everybody else need to open their eyes finally!!

Vancouve, Paris, London, LA, NewOrleans, Greece, Spain.. and on and on and on..

when did you ever hear the News talk about a Japanese or Korean Riot in the last couple of decades after War??

People know how to behave in Society! Why do you think they have no crime over there either? Your ignorant thats it!!

Fukushima, another awesome example.

Did you read anyhting about looting or Rioting in Japan after they had suffered one of the most tragic disaster in human history??

What happened when Katrina struck NewOrleans?

Don't just ignore Kry, learn from these countries!!

here please in God's name read this and educate yourself about a better society!!

People actually stand by each other over there and Help each other!
Educate YOURSELF bobby. then maybe you'll be able to do more than insult people who don't agree with your very small view of the world.

why is Japan covering up the truth??

you don't hear about the looting and violence in Japan because Japanese society is not open and honest enough to tell the truth.

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