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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
You do realise I'm not looting right? Don't talk to me like I'm at fault because a few scumbags living in the same country as me are doing so. The rioters themselves are a small percentage. The majority think they are vile.

I have nothing but respect for the Japanese with the way they reacted after the Tsunami and Earthquake. That does not make them a perfect country. No country is perfect, i know the faults of my own, of others, and the positives. I acknowledge them regardless of which country it is. Whether it is mine or another.

You on the other hand only see the bad for certain, and the good for others.

I do not deny there are many ways of life in the Eastern world that could improve the Western. But thinking it doesn't go both ways is ignorance.
Please feel free and tell what these people could learn from our society??

I can't wait to hear it!!

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Educate YOURSELF bobby. then maybe you'll be able to do more than insult people who don't agree with your very small view of the world.

why is Japan covering up the truth??

you don't hear about the looting and violence in Japan because Japanese society is not open and honest enough to tell the truth.
You disgust me dude! You don't even realize the difference right??

Those lootings in Japan were so minial that it wasn't covered around the Globe, not the incredible rubbish you try to tell us that they hide it lol

The entire World will now when people burn other people's houses and cars down. There's no hiding you ignorant fool

Every day people steal in the World.. it has nothing to do with the Disaster and has zero to do with a society.

If you don't see the difference with your biased glasses.. then you are disgusting!!

you want me to post a video from what happened after Katrina? Maybe then you will see the difference when you watch both vids lol

YOU Old Ignorant Idiot!!
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