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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Please feel free and tell what these people could learn from our society??

I can't wait to hear it!!

You disgust me dude! You don't even realize the difference right??

Those lootings in Japan were so minial that it wasn't covered around the Globe, not the incredible rubbish you try to tell us that they hide it lol

The entire World will now when people burn other people's houses and cars down. There's no hiding you ignorant fool

Every day people steal in the World.. it has nothing to do with the Disaster and has zero to do with a society.

If you don't see the difference with your biased glasses.. then you are disgusting!!

you want me to post a video from what happened after Katrina? Maybe then you will see the difference when you watch both vids lol

YOU Old Ignorant Idiot!!
see this is what I'm talking about right here. if you got yourself some education you might be able to do more than throw insults.

good luck with that

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