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on the Japanese subject although i like their culture for the most part there is a few things i dislike

1.) the vie that there culture is the only right culture (yes allot of other people have that view too)

2.) the impact that they have on the rest of the world does not matter only there country matters for example

major over fishing of many species still even after making some disappear completely, also them still killing whales disgust me to know end..but hey they want the meat oils and money so **** the rest of the world they dont need whales we will kill them all even though they are declining fast. ame with chin and their over fishing of sharks


onto what im doing right now

just got done with a job interview and it went well have a follow up interview on Thursday, its for a huge telecommunications center tha handles customer service for best buy, a few cell phone companies, liberty mutual ect..

hopefully i get it the job, it starts out 10.50 an hour and they want ya to work 40 hours plus they dont care about paying overtime

also fedex payed for the tv they broke and then some so i had enough to upgrade my tv to a 50 inch and am loving it even though its kinda big for my room, which im about to jump on xbox and play a bit

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