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Wink Muy Thai vs. Kung Fu

Originally Posted by Micker
Well I think that Muy Thai>>>>any other martial art in terms of real world use. One thing is that its very practical and it is perfect for how most fights really work. Flying/spinning kicks, flashy moves don't work. Self defense techinques don't really work. Elbow strikes, Knees, jabs, uppercuts, leg kicks/sweeps, headbutts, all at close range are what will win a real fight. On top of this, Muy Thai training has a lot of sparring and fighting, where other martial arts focus mainly on hitting air or pads(katas etc.).

Don't believe me? Look at the peole who win UFC now. The top ones use Muy Thai techniques/training and BJJ for the ground grappling. You saw how the karate experts got their butts kicked when they first competed and styles weren't the mixed like they are now. I truely believe that regular martial arts are not made for making you a fighter, more then making you better physically and mentally. You will be a better fighter if you are a black belt in TKD, but that doesn't mean you are a good fighter. Muy Thai is based on fighting and fighting efficently to knock out your opponent. Of course you will need some ground skills to be a good fighter, almost every real fight I have ever seen has gone to the ground, unless one of the people are VERY outmatched.
What about the idea is that the greatest master is the man who never had a fight in his life? You know, I had an experience in high school some years back.I was in a band that was doing well, we were playing dances every weekend. Naturally, at some of these things there were punks and thug wannabes, guys who were punks trying to be thugs and as a result, there were fights and various encounters. The drummer in my band was into Jay Gluck's classic paperback entitled "Zen Combat," especially for the section on Aikido, and when he heard that a genuine Aikido master from Japan was going to give a demonstration in a nearby city, he thought that we should check it out.
We did. I was impressed, especially when that old man took on like nine or ten guys, and those ten guys weren't was all psyched up when the time came when we could talk to the master personally, and when it was my turn, I asked him about this one trick that the punks liked to pull to sucker a guy. I figured that if anybody knew an effective counter to it, he would.
And you know what he said to me? He said,"Why are you in that position in the first place?"
I never forgot that. I think that truer words were never spoken to me,
"Why are you in that position in the first place?"
Ninety nine times out of a hundred, you can see trouble coming. These guys have to psyche themselves up to swing at you. They have to provoke an argument by talking trash.Sometimes you can just see them coming.
After what the master said to me, I never had anymore problems. If my band did a gig at a bar and somebody had one too many and wanted to argue over who won the penant in 1997, I'd be like," Oh, sure, man. YOu're right. You are so right. Donald Duck's team won the penant in 1997 ! What in the world was I thinking about. Listen: It's been great talking to you, but I got to get back to the band."
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