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Mon 8-08: 3 mile run.
Tue: Half of a pad work class, probably only 7-8 combinations, then had to take somebody to work, then went back and ran 2.5 miles. My uke is belt testing this Saturday and he'll get promoted before me. I shouldn't care, because that feels like belt chasing. However, we were both under the assumption that we would be testing together, as was my sensei's method for the past few years. Refer to my belt testing post above.
Wed: BJJ. A bunch of incredibly fun transitional drills. I love grip fighting.
Thur: Bag drills, 2.5 mile run. Judo at 6. I'm hoping to test for my green belt on September 17. EDIT: Judo was a lot, lot lot of dynamic 3 uchikomi/throw drills, then renwakuwaza, then butsugari gaiko, then randori. My ideal class.
Fri: rested
Sat: 3.5 mile run, then drank way too much that night, but my husband danced and didn't complain too much about having to wear a tie (which he wore for about 10 min after we got there) so it was worth it. I'd like to get a 15-mile week in on top of BJJ and judo and the occasional karate class. In about 3 weeks I will likely be substitute teaching 3-5 days a week again, but I'm determined to maintain the pace that I have been, and step it up.

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