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I put in another light session on the bag tonight:

I got in a load of beautiful right roundhouses that were for technique only.

I feel if I can't throw power strikes with my right leg I may as well work on my technique for that leg so when I am ready to start banging away I won't have too much lag-time.

After working on the right roundhouse I used a principle from the "reverse punch" from the karate if you see a lead kick coming with my lead being my left you pick it up slightly and drive off of it after it touches the floor I used this in conjunction with a right elbow.

My bag has a yellow rectangle stitched on that I use as a reference point for the face, from what I felt..heard...and saw there was a noticeable increase in overall power.

There was loud audible cracks like that of the cracks you hear on a thai pad, the interesting thing I noticed was with the added height the elbow comes crashing down with more force. I saw the bag bobbing up and down a few times.

I worked on the reverse punch more again a hundred strikes per hand, when I do this I do it for technique and let the technique prove the power base. I am wanting to engrain this powerful technique into my brain. Once I am able to speed it up I'll do so, but I feel it may be best utilized as powerful counter strike slash powerful tool to open up a person's defense.

I worked on my hand speed with general speed bag style flurries, a new drill I am loving I throw a (jab, right, jab, right) as quick as I possibly can, and a flurry of 10-16 jab, right's.

I did work on my right push kick, and a roundhouse knee along with very minimal work on a left roundhouse.

The roundhouse knee is nice, because you can trick your opponent because it employs the same technique as throwing the kick, your target with the knee can be the leg or body but the body is probably easier to strike. I had to stop due to the fact that shock travels down the shin when you throw a knee strike and it made it throb.

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