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Originally Posted by dudeabides View Post
My dog's still a puppy too:

That is one cute puppy.

I don't actually own a pet atm, but, i have a story, about a younk kitty that was abandoned by his mom in front of the building i live in. (I knew his mom and his uncle btw...)

I felt sorry for the kitty, because he was all alone. I gave him food every day and so, the kitty decided to stay.
His homw was up in a tree: he had a nice bed up there.

One day i found him and he was limping. He had a swollen leg, because one idiot kicked him. And winter was coming also. The tree was almost "leef-less" by that time.

I decided to put him in my garage. He found that place kinda scary, but at least he wasn't freezing outside.
And his leg had time to recover also.
He spent 3 days in the garage.

One day, one of my neighbours came home and i asked her if she could keep the kitty at her place, until we could figure out something: try finding him a home.

Days passed and the kitty loved his new home more and more.
And my neighbour liked the kitty also.

3 years after - the cat still lives next door. He's a resident!

I know he's not my cat, but i like to think i had an "influence" in this cat's life.

So - here is BOYKA!

This was his first home, his tree:

He was home that day.

And this is him, when he was just a kitty. That also is his tree.

And this is his daddy, Ivan.

He's like 100 years old



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