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Question: When UFC purchased the WEC, it said it would run that as a separate entity, but it still brought over some fighters like Quinton Jackson. I was wondering if that was going to be the same thing here. If so, are there going to be any of the Pride fighters coming to the UFC?

White: Quinton Jackson isn't in the WEC, he's in the UFC. That was when we purchased the WFA. The WFA was dead and it wasn't a good show anyway. We shut that down and rolled some of the fighters over to the new company. Pride and the UFC are the two biggest and best organizations in the world with all of the best fighters in the world. This is a dream come true for fans.

Question: Will any Pride fighters become UFC regulars?

White:No. I mean, the Pride fighters are Pride fighters and the UFC fighters are UFC fighters. But I don't know. To answer that question honestly, who knows? Some guys get cut and end up somewhere else. You never know what's going to happen long term. But right now, the guys that are in Pride are staying in Pride.
That's awesome.
I actually think this is a great leap for MMA. If only they modified the rules to make it more realistic. I could understand things like no groin kicks/eye gauges. But no elbowing? No kicking someone when they're on the floor? Come on now...

So far so good, I hope everything everything Dana claimed is true.
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