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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Makes be laugh how everyone listens to DW lies and takes his side, what he is saying about sponsorship is the truth, we all know that the UFC does not let its fighters be sponsored by anyone who does not sponsor the UFC as well, in effect the UFC is always taking a cut of the sponsorship money played to the fighters, and there DW comes out taking out his ass making it sound like they are all about supporting the fighters, Bull Sh1t Dana this coming from a company that own gives a fcuk about its self, that is willing to destroy other promotions, that is willing ot cut fighters over name rights to a video game, that pays its fighters sh1t in relation to the income it makes from each show.

FCUK DANA WHITE FCUK THE UFC AND FCUK SCOTT COKER FOR SELLING OUT THE GREEDY FAT FCUK, I swear I hope to god that showtime continue to show MMA and bring the sport back into the game above the business issues, the only way they can do this now is to cut Strikeforce and start up a new promotion, they will be able to get some good fighters like the Reem to start with and be able to build from the ground up, the fans are there who are pissed with Zuffa Bull Shit who will support a new promotion.

Anyone who cares anything for the sport must see that teh way Zuffa do business is a disgrace, any true fan is sure not going to want to miss the fights they show I understand that but dont give any money to these greedy fcukers, Stream your UFC shows live or download the next day, don't buy PPV's dont even watch on channels like ESPN even if you are subscribed to the channel, kill its ratings and watch online for free.

You want more prof that Dana speaks out of his ass, his own words "business as usual" that was the first promise Zuffa and DW made to the fans after the take over, they even promised to help promote and grow SF to bring in new fighters, they openly said some fighters would even leave the UFC and go to SF, what happened to these promises DW?, how the fcuk can this be defined as business as usual?

Everything relating to the SF take over from Zuffa has been one lie after another from the very start to the very end, all this time they have been saying the will do oen thing while completely doing the opposite, typical Zuffa propaganda these lying greedy fcukers are just pissing on the shoes of the fans while telling them that its raining.
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