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Originally Posted by canning View Post
You seem upset.
I think you will find there are a large number of MMA fans upset by numerous moves Zuffa has made in order to try and dictate the sport.

End of the day its like this, MMA was a baby when Zuffa got involved, naturally that baby grew but with it Zuffa was able to take the credit and even help with its development, only now its big enough to stand on its own to feet without Zuffa to hold its hand.

Some may say well since Zuffa raised it it has the right to keep hold of its grip and take the benefits, which I would be 100% agreed with except Zuffa abuses that baby, cuts sh1tty deals for the fighters, stops other promotions from developing into the main stream whi ch in turn would help develop the sport by giving pro fighters more homes to work at outside of the UFC, Zuffa's greed and its ambition to own the monopoly of the entire sport it now destroying the sport, right now all is well if you are in the UFC which is only a very small number of athletes compared to the number that could be competing professionally in the sport, but away from the UFC the sport is been destroyed, fighters can't make a living out of it and will lead to less quality as less what could of been great fighters turn professional knowing that unless they make the UFC there is no point, and lest be fair the UFC is more about marketability of its fighters than it is about talent.

But its cool because I know Zuffa will lose this battle one day because someone like Showtime will see that there are now enough fans for the sport to be worth there air time and they will start to run it like they run boxing where it doe snot matter if you are at the right camp or if you give a good interview, if you can fight you can fight and will get the chance climb the ranks and compete on the air, and there are plenty of homes for fighters to compete and make a decent living, and there is no DW saying you can never be part of our sport because you did no agree to bow down and suck to his terms.

End of the day the UFC may always be around but they cant continue to stop the raise of every other promotion that start to get recognition as an A class promotion forever.

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