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I'm not even able to express how I feel about some of Zuffa's business tactis. Making sponsors pay 100k to the UFC first before they're allowed to sponsor fighters for 5 or 10k is just f*cked up on so many levels. Now it seems Golden Glory fighters were cut for no reason at all and this all conveniently happened just when one of them was on the verge of becoming very expensive.
No, what's f*cked up on so many levels is the average MMAForum poster's business sense, and their need to comment on the UFC's business practises.

When a company sponsors a fighter and gets to put a little logo on their shorts, or make them wear a cap and t-shirt after the fight, they are advertising themselves and their product. This leads to more interest in and more sales contracts for their product. Hence, you do not get to advertise[SPONSOR] for free.

100K may seem like a lot to you, but these companies will generate a lot more than 100K off the back of the sponsorship. Global advertising is normally a case of millions, 100K is pennies.

As for the fighters, I'm sure most of them are quite happy to wear a cap for 90 seconds in return for 10 grand, I'm sure they don't really care what the UFC is being paid to let them have the sponsorship.

It's all relative. 10K is good money to wear a cap, 100K is cheap to advertise in 100+ countries, everyone is happy.

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