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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I didn't much like the 2001 one, except some of the actors behind the ape MU were

Waiting to hear back from my judo sensei re: whether or not I will be testing for my green belt next month.
I never could get into that remake, but some parts were neat.

Good luck on hopefully getting tested In bjj it goes white blue purple brown black. Is green like an intermediary from purple to brown? I was gifted the rank of purple belt in October 2010 but I honestly still feel I'm at least a year away from deserving brown belt, but it's more of a distance than a time. The distance between myself and white belt is the distance
from me to black, that occasionally intimidates me xD

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
Speaking of belts, lately I have this overwhelming fascination of achieveing a belt in a martial art. I'm thinking Judo... Only because it's impossible to find a traditional BJJ school here, everything is nogi now.
I'd recommend nogi. The reason is that you aren't going to be wearing a gi if you have to defend yourself on the street. With a gi on you are more dangerous it opens up new holds, submissions and throws. It essentially is handle bars on an opponent xD and it means you can choke someone easily with one arm. But to me nogi is better for actual use. Lots of respect for judo, I've been thrown and tripped before and its legit.

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