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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I didn't much like the 2001 one, except some of the actors behind the ape MU were brilliant.

2nd the recommendation on the newest one. Apart from a lackluster end, the rest of it is pretty good. It prompted me to go back and reread a few things about Koko, the signing gorilla in California who turned 40 last month, which were fascinating.

Waiting to hear back from my judo sensei re: whether or not I will be testing for my green belt next month.
The film on Koko is great BTW

I'm happy that they did right by the Apes in this last film, the original franchise really fell apart after the first film. As for Burton's film, while it was visually appealing and a step up from the poor sequels the storyline really wasn't cohesive enough.

So World War Z is coming out next Christmas, the book was amazing, has massive amounts of fans for it's original and provocative way of handling the Zombies (in flashback anthology style). So what is Hollywood doing to this pulp treasure....

Turning it into a Curious Case of Benjamin Button type crap hole with a UN worker (Brad Pitt) going across the world to help stop and contain the Zombie menace.

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