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I don't pretend to be a master of business practices on any level. But I do know that I have never once in my life bought any product because I saw a fighter wear it. I spent a week researching various shorts designs and brands before buying mine.

The UFC's business practices are not what I expected them to be. I think 100K or you can't touch a Zuffa fighter is a little steep. MMA fighters aren't football players, if someone like Ochocinco wears Nike its a massive impact, but if Frankie Edgar wears it, who outside of MMA gives a shit? Seems a little over priced IMO.

As for the not paying promoters instead of fighters, that I completely agree with. The fighter has a contract with the UFC/Strikeforce not their camp. It'd be like paying Jones or Condit through Jackson's MMA. It just doesn't make sense. The fighter pays their camp/manager not the other way around. There are no exceptions for any reason.

As for all the rest of the rhetoric that GG is talking about (state-side promos, etc) is pretty dumb in my opinion. They can make a good quantity of money promoting their own shows in Europe, perhaps getting a TV deal with HDNet or something. But there's no way in hell they could hope to compete with the UFC.

Also: "business as usual," what a joke.

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