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new circuit

I worked on a vicious little circuit today.

I set my phone to countdown 5 minutes while I threw as many reverse punches as I could with good speed and form.

After this 50 light curls, 10 pushups, and 25 10-15 pound weighted standing crunches.

I went through the twice. Overall it lasted less than 12 minutes.

I plan on starting this cycle in addition to my power/cardio cycle I do already.

Next week I will be starting a new program as well. I will attempt to do this sort of cycle since it is a nice one in water for 5 reps of two minute rounds.

I am working towards a new style of mentality, if I tire during practice at the gym when I return I am weak. I already have the staying power to endure our practices but I want to make my master's mantra about me true he always tells me I have deceptive power. I will appear small but will hone my mind, body and soul into a weapon.

Last night I found a new yoga program I want to try, it is some sort of russian yoga (hatha) or something. I have two dvds of yoga that I can start as well.

IF things go as I want soon I will be working on 10 minute cycles with 6 reps to the workouts. I will become my namesake I have named for myself...the psychedelic headhunter.

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