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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Pshh judo gets all the cool colors. I don't even care, ima buy an orange belt and just rock it.

Well I do at least 5 days a week at least, and trust me if it comes down to it I'll choke someone with one arm.. Hell with the spare arm I'll make a peace sign maybe even throw in a duck face, I'll put that on my twitter

How would I use my pants though?

Well you don't have to wear a shirt under.. Sexy up the class a little

Also all you fatties are talking about pizza I'm all over here enjoying my steel cut oats like a bos.. I can scarcely resist the thought of pizza.. Stuffed crust Canadian bacon pineapple extra sauce >.> must devour
You can grab your pants leg in order to tighten a pin, among many other things.

I do have to wear a shirt under my gi, because my jacket gets pulled all around and out of the belt. It's usually a UA rashguard or whatever I grabbed that was clean. I wish I didn't have to, because it seems to me like the guys have more freedom of movement when they go commando under their gi jacket. Maybe I'm just projecting. I'm pretty sure it's law straight from Kano and Mitsuyo Maeda.

My house has been in siege mode for the past few days because it was the giantest, big dealiest tournament of the season at L&M's work. We're both kind of collapsed right now.

Steel cut oats? Did I see you on the makeupalley fitness board? They think eating steel cut oats gets you points with God.

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