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Went to a decision too:

Round 1 - Mehmen with a left that lands and Jones with a jab. A few strikes in close by Jones and Mehmen clinches and pushes him into the cage. Huge flying knee by Jones as they separate hurts Mehmen and tries to take the back. Instead he settles for kneeing Mehmen in the face again. Jones has really opened up now and Mehmen looks a bit shell shocked. Mehmen starts running backward and gets clipped but he also takes a low blow. Mehman rests up and comes out to get a takedown. Mehmen spends the rest of the round on top controlling position but not doing much with it. That should be a Roy Jones round for damage in the stand-up but the judges will love the top control from Mehmen.

Round 2 - Jones with a spinning kick and Mehmen takes him down but his eye is pouring blood. Just gushing. Mehmen knows he needs to step up the pace so he is going for it as they're restarted with him on top in half guard. derrick is just staying on top and doing enough work to keep it from getting restarted and Jones just kind of flops around on his back. Mehmen finally stepping up his output and landing more shots from half guard. 10-9 Mehmen.

Round 3 - Jones decides to try to pull guard with a guillotine attempt on a sweaty, bloody Mehmen and ends up on his back. Mehman just moving his arms, not really punching. They're restarted standing up and Mehman asks Herb Dean to wipe his eye, which he isn't allowed to do. Jones jabs him a few times and Mehmen looks for the shot. Jones tries to scramble and gives up the full mount. Mehmen throws a few arm punches, the round ends and he takes the fight 29-28 on my card.

Official scorecards: Derrick Mehmen. (no scores announced)

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