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Shes actually pretty cute but shes no Gina or Miesha.

With that aside, I've seen all of her pro and amateur fights and shes on another level from these other girls. Imagine if no wrestlers were in mma yet and Chael Sonnen comes onto the scene... thats the equivalent from what I've been seeing but in this case its her insane judo capability. Her ability to take her opponent down, mount, roll into arm bars is beyond impressive. Her GnP looks pretty sharp as well based on the couple of times shes needed to use it.

6 fights all finished with an arm bar within the first minute... not too shabby.

I don't see Miesha being strong enough to be able to take Ronda down considering her INCREDIBLE base. However, I do see Ronda being able to take Tate down at will and getting that submission win.

Cyborg on the other hand is a whole different type of problem but if anyone can defeat her its probably Ronda.
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