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Originally Posted by Curumo1983 View Post
Hi all,

I have just started BJJ training and I am really interested in supplementing my training on mat with some gym work on weekend.
I train BJJ 3 days a week,the days I dont train on workdays I do light kettlebell drills/chin ups/push ups and some abs work at home.
I want to add one day of this workout - Super Squats 20 Rep Squat Routine and perform it once a week.
What do you think?
Will it be useful?
The twenty-rep squat will help you move up a weight class. It is not a training program dedicated to the development of strength.

If you really want to improve your overall body strength, stick with Mark Rippetoe's, Bill Starr's, or MadCow's routines.

Jujutsu is one of those things that doesn't really require extreme physical power to be effective. As long as you have a good level of strength and you can grip opponents tightly, you're good to go.

(Just make sure to prioritize any Jujutsu-specific drills ABOVE ALL ELSE.)

Telling a weightlifter that deep squats are bad for the knees is like telling a kickboxer that footwork is a bad strategy...
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