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Today was a semi productive day I think.

I spent about an hour assembling a charcoal smoker so I could smoke some pork loin for meals for the coming week.

As the smoker was curing I was doing katas for the karate,

When I started the drills it was 95 degrees out and I went shirtless.

I Have a large backyard, so I started off with getting into the stance left hand high right hand chambered and walked through the lead left to lead right leg 10 times down and back.

After that I worked on a 1-2 reverse punch kata drill where I did 5 sets of 100.

I worked on knees in the thai clinch, no power only technique 5 sets of 50 per leg.

After this I did a 1-2 left & right hook drill 5 sets of 100 combos of this.

The one thing I didn't work on was the power elbows.

After finishing the combo drills I worked for a very short while on the bag throwing right roundhouses. I was able to throw with heavy power for about 15 strikes then the shin started to I'm making painfully slow progress on returning to full contact kicking.

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