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March 28th

Weight Training: Chest/Abs

Flat Bench Press 3 sets x 10
Incline Bench Press 3 sets x 10
Pec Dec Flye 3 sets x 10

Roman chair leg lifts 3 sets x 15
Hanging knee leg raises 3 sets x 10
Oblique/hip flexor exercise on cable 3 sets x 10
Cable crunches 3 sets x 10
Lying leg raises 3 sets x 25

Boxing mitts work:

Roughly 2 hours of working combinations with mits, switching back and forth between my partner. We emphasized a lot of attention on technique, keeping hands up, footwork, bobbing and weaving, looking at punches, etc.


About 15 minutes of practicing leg kicks, both inside and out, and from southpaw as well. Practiced kicking with lead foot as well. Then sparred with shin guards on for about 30 minutes practicing on leg kicks as well as checking them.

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