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I've heard that wrestlers tend to be the best overall fighters in MMA...

I've also heard that many law enforcement officers would choose a judo practicioner as a partner during self defense situations.

I think it depends on your goal too. All I can say is that I will not recommend you to take BOTH! It's better to spend 10 years mastering EITHER, than to spend 5 years in each being only "semi" decent at both. A high-level wrestler would defeat a semi-high-level judoka, and a high-level judoka would defeat a semi-high-level wrestler.

The only exception is if you are not doing any form of striking, but you already are. Stick with one striking art and one grappling art.

That's just my two cents though! lol. I'm no expert.

Telling a weightlifter that deep squats are bad for the knees is like telling a kickboxer that footwork is a bad strategy...
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