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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
she grosses you out? im sorry.... WTF?! either you bang the hottest chicks ever... or you lie.... my intrigue is very very high right now.... so yes i want pics of your girlfriend and the chicks that you let down every day.....

and ty, i find humor in everything!
Im not banging the hottest chicks ever but i certainly aint hooking up with ugos either. Well not to say i havent... because when im drunk and i get shut down i will pretty much pull whatever ugly chick i can find that wont turn me down and il smush her. Iv woken up plenty times and said to myself "Omfg why the **** did i do this... oh shit shes waking up, run.!"

I think shes pretty gross dude. Look at her body... its like a man body. Her face can look decent at times but then the next second she looks very bad. If i saw her in real life i would say shes gross. If i was drunk i probably wouldnt mind that i think shes ugly and if she was down i would probably be down.
Im not claiming to be some pimp because im not and i get shut down more often then not.
At parties i have this thing called "Skipping Rocks" which im known for around my friends. I find a few girls i find attractive and il try to chat them up. Then il skip around with those 5-6 girls to try and see which one im vibing with the best.
The name Skipping Rocks comes from

Skipping = Going from girl to girl.
Rocks = Girls

You know how when you skip rocks at a lake you never just throw one you throw many. And they usually hop 3-6x or w/e which is how many girls i like to try and chat up during the party.
So when a buddy comes up and goes "So whatsup dude.. what you doing?" i usually can say even infront of the girl "Ohh the usual, just skipping rocks" and then me and my buddies laugh while the girls are like "Hehehe whats skipping rocks, hehe tell me, hehehehe" (My impression of girls)

Usually im atleast vibing with one of the girls but if not il just get really drunk and settle for someone i dont find attractive. (If im reallly drunk and mad that i got shut down)

Well anyway.. il send you a pic since your curious. Dont post it plz.. (It would be rude)

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