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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Ok, clearly you are used to dating supermodels or something like that. She isn't a supermodel dude, she is pretty good for an average girl I think. If she looks that good without make up imagine what she would look like with it.

Kanto... dont do that. If i say myself that i dont date super models and im not some pimp and i DO get shutdown. Then dont go and ignore me and post some sht like that.

I do have standards and she false below my standards. I dont think she is average. On a rank system 1-10 with 5 being average then i would make her a 3. Normally i wouldnt TRY and i do mean TRY to get with someone unless they are a 6 or above. Now if you are a reallyyy cool girl then i wouldnt mind an average looking girl (5). Most girls i dont consider to be very cool though so if i do find one i think is cool then i could care less if she is average looking.

Actually one of the girls i liked the most is average and i thought she was super fun and kind. It worked out for a little while but then my jerk side created some problems. Still to this day though i wont say a bad word about her just because i think she is such a kind person. Very rare to find imo

But lets not forget. I said i get shut down more then not. If i have no choices for the night left then i get really really drunk and find the first ugly chick i know likes me and i wake up hating life and myself and my penis and am ashamed for the next 2 weeks so i stay in my room like a cave. Rinse and repeat.

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