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Originally Posted by kantowrestler View Post
Ok, if that is the kind've life you are leading then I think you should re-evaluate your dating life. One night stands with ugly chicks while drunk isn't the best dating life to have if you are frustrated with being shut down by good looking chicks. If you keep on this course one of the ugly chicks might be psycho.
Well are you saying you have never hooked up with an ugly chick?? (See how i can twist things around 2 )

I dont mind my dating life. I hook up with my share of good looking chicks and i currently am dating someone. I dont need anyones advice on my dating life and vice versa. But i will say that i think this mma chick is NOT good looking. She does gross me out. If thats the kind of chicks you go for.. then more power to you. Your putting in work for your community..


The last time i hooked up with a chick i consider ugly was about 2 years back. I was chatting this black girl up all night (I never got with a black girl before). We were taking shots together i got in good with her little girly friends BUT THEN the ugly girl of the group starts throwing a fit and making the girl (i was trying to hook up with) leave ) :
So she apologizes to me and says she has no other ride home and blah blah blah. So now i spent like 3-4 hours its like 2am and i feel all my effort went to waste. So i walked by a chick i knew had a thing for me because i had no clue who she was but she said she knew me (I guess we went to the same Highschool for 4 years). Well i randomly tried to kiss her and obviously she went with it. Next thing you know im waking up in boxers in the middle of the girl who was throwing the party, room.
The ride home sucked so bad cuz i was getting made fun of haha... ohh i kinda get embarrassed even telling the story to online strangers lmao.

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