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Originally Posted by JuggNuttz View Post
im all about humor! and lust, ill take pics of your GF too, ill spank to here if she tickles my fancy!

but for you or anyone to talk shit about Ronda, either your dating Miranda Kerr or Candice Swanapoel.... or your gay and trying to look cool... OR!!! you want Ronda, but dont want people to think you do!

rep me... neg me... whatever..... if you can look at Ronda and say "no i would never ever!!" your gay.

not that there is anything wrong with that, i have lots of gay friends.... but just stop being something your not...... tha5ts all im saying
She's ******* ugly, dude.

Only a little immature bitch boy would put THAT on a pedestal.

"OMG! Creature has vagina! Must worship and have sex with".

They are called standards, bro.

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