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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
People like you Sojo don't know much about their culture because you do not invest time to learn about it. Also we just overlook this part of the World in school in every single Western country..

so I don't blame ya dude lol

just try to get some knowledge about these people please, at least try and drop that British mentality..
Typical Cooper nonsense once again. No explanation. No clarity. Just diversion and insults. A women gets beaten up by 3 dudes and you say its ok. We ask why, and you come back with absolutely nothing of substance.

How many Asian friends do you have Bob? I am *very* close with several Japanese families. Do you know I have made them laugh reading some of your posts? Interesting that, isn't it? I can not wait to show them this thread. They will be disgusted with your "opinion".

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