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Bolded and at the top of the screen again, bitches!!
Mon 8-15: Customary front snake, bridge etc. warmup drills, then far side armbar drills, guard passes, and a great reversal that we called the butt floss, because we're classy like that. Then 30 min stepmill and 10 min bike, because my quads kind of hurt after lots of dancing Sat. night.
Tue: 3 mile run. It took awhile to get warmed up. That's what happens when I get back on the wagon, I suppose. My running mojo shall return; it always does; and I'll be 5-milin' again soon.
Wed: 40 min stepmill, 10 min bike. Sweaty cardio, no matter how hard-worklike it feels, seems like a fail if it isn't running.
Thur: Judo, a seioi nage fest (just ippon seioi nage, which I don't like and I'm not good at ) with a lot of uchikomi and not enough randori and a little butsugari gaiko.
Fri: Ran, I forgot how far
Sat: Judo, a lot like Thur. but even less cardio
Sun: rested

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