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You guys made me be that way! Some more, some less and I found out, that a Forum is not the right place for me.

Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I think it was RIVAL. Reason I think that is because in the topic where Bobby went on a rampage about Japan with the comedians beating up the korean MMA woman, RIVAL warned him about starting a flame war and maybe Bobby negged his post and got a return neg.

It's wasn't too long ago Bobby was being nominated for nicest member and I think was one or two votes from winning.

He is an MMA fighter now right? Maybe hes taken a bit too many punches to the head and has gone crazy?

The only thing else I can think of is maybe Bobby couldn't take Lyoto getting knocked out then losing a fight right after to Rampage pushed him over the edge.
You are right on the Money Sir well, with the first part lol

I did a mistake there negging my friend RIVAL lol but we learn from mistakes right

Yes I lost the Nicest Member award to swptleg It broke me and I can't live with a second place.. just like Chael Sonnen.. I have to move on and find something else in life.
Ich mach nur Spass swp Ich hoffe doch das du dich an mich erinnerst schatz^^

The only man on this entire board who has the Insight in Human Nature and who really remembers, is dudeabides and I Respect him so much for it!!

btw. Lyoto never lost that belt!!
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