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Workout B
Squats: 5,4@295lbs
Powercleans: 5,5,5@135lbs
Military Press: 5,5,5@135lbs
Chinups: 8,6,5@b/w+7.5lbs

Workout A
Squats 4 @295lbs
Bench Press 5,5,5 @190lbs
Deadlift 3 @335lbs
Dips 8,6,4@b/w+30lbs

Hanging Knee Raises 15, 12
Cable Crunch 10,10 @ 100
Lying Full Leg Raises 10,10

Squats gains have capped off and are actually going backwards. Everything else is getting stronger though. Switching to explosive/endurance geared workouts next week. Will probably still try a squats/bench/deadlift day every now and then.

Went for another run afterwards this time at a track, couldn't get my run app on my phone to track the length but I jogged like 5 laps with a bit of walking inbetween.

Back to an MMA schedule on monday.
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