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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Yo Kry... where in Wales you at?

I almost moved to Pembrokeshire, but that fell through. I was gutted beyond belief. Your area looks more towards the north. Is that the case? I visit Conwy a lot, and the surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful on the planet. -

Man, Wales rocks. I know many people who have never been cant really appreciate what I'm saying... but trust me... Wales is a truly spectacular country. I'm not going to give up till I end up there, in a straw bale house, on the side of a mountain. I dont care how long it takes. Its my mission in life.

Shame its full of Welsh people though...
I'm in Swansea dude, about 45 min drive from Pembrokeshire! Right next to the Gower (google!!) Haven't ventured up north in a long while.

Man I want the same, house wise anyways. I'd love an old farm house with no neighbours near the coast. I could happily live my life out then. Wales is starting to get recognition for it's beauty, The Gower was the first area in the UK to be designated an Area of Outstanding natural beauty, and Pembrokeshire coast has just come 3rd in the top 10 walks on the planet -

It is a shame about us living here though, we're a funny folk indeed! I sound Welsh to English people, and English to some Welsh people (the ones that dwell in the valleys that even I can barely understand) so I get alot of 'OH ARE EW AN ENGLISH?' ... 'Am I a what good sir?' .... 'EW POSH AS **** EW CHEEKY CANT'...

We're a charming people really...compared to the Scottish anyways

I really don't take advantage of living where I do. That will change from tomorrow...

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

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