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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Well im glad to hear that man. Too many stories out there about people relapsing as soon as things get rough. Be smart and dont do that to yourself. I still think you should seek out a group and just talk. I think it could help out alot of the problems you have going on just by talking them out with other people. I have a few things iv been keeping hidden for the last couple weeks and its been driving me nuts. I want to come clean to the parties involved but im being too much off a ***** to face the outcome.
Just remember though.. its always darkest before the dawn. You seem to think you know what you are doing and i honestly do believe you. So just try to find someone to share with.. even if its just with us online. And remember that things will get better. Other then that.. you just need to worry about taking care of yourself and youl be fine.
Thank you. Yeah, I've been down this road before without relapsing, and each time it gets easier. I usually do have someone to talk to as well, just guess it felt a bit heavier tonight for some reason and needed to vent it out here.

What you said about being darkest before dawn, it is true. I usually think that way as well and it's a pretty comforting thought. I usually say "**** it, it'll be better" and it does.

I guess my point is that things have a way of working out in the end, and with some effort, they will this time too.

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