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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
you guys are such p**sies. i don't have insurance at the moment. So a splinter removal like this would cost me about $400 at the Dr. all this one cost is a hangover.

in progress

still in there


Captain America booboo patch. That's the biggest chunk beside me there. most of it came out in tiny pieces.

LOL! holy sh*t I need to visit this thread more often, apparently this is the place to be.

I must admit that is pretty manly oldy. Looks nasty as hell. Makes me happy I live in Sweden where healthcare is free & you don't need insurance. But I guess my macho-points can never compare to a 50 year old cowboy who fixes his problems with a knife and whiskey. Congratz old one you are a real man.
PS. Not being sarcastic.

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