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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
SIDEWAYS!1 MY BUDDY!! I almost forgot you were on ignore! I said I'd take you off if simbody said something good about you and well.... they did. a bunch of em here laytey.

so while we're talkin waht happened to my frien eliteblood??? it's so hard to keep up
Haha have people been saying good stuff about me?? I had no idea. Good to know I knew id grow on people.

Eliteblood?? Im not so sure. Is there a specific reason you are asking me? I can be forgetful at times.. sorry.
And next time warn me before you put me on ignore!! I feel like a jerk quoting you this whole time.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
you guys are such p**sies. i don't have insurance at the moment. So a splinter removal like this would cost me about $400 at the Dr. all this one cost is a hangover.

in progress

still in there


Captain America booboo patch. That's the biggest chunk beside me there. most of it came out in tiny pieces.

I understand that you dont have insurance, it happens.


Whats your excuse for not having any nail clippers?? Look at them beasts on your finger. You could poke an eye out with those things
Not to mention that you are hording dirt between them. Some people really cant throw anything away can they XD

God dammit... i tried repping you and it didnt let me. I was going to write "You are a man among men good sir"

grrrrr im very upset that it didnt let me >_<

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