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Your top ten all time great UFC fights

What matches do you think are the ten best UFC matches of all time? Here is my list in no particular order:

1. UFC 22 There Can Only Be One Champion: Frank Shamrock .vs. Tito Ortiz, such an amazing fight, definitely one of the best fights ever in the UFC. It starts off with them clubbing Tito wins the first round but then Shamrock starts to really dominate him in round two and finally Tito gives up in round 4. Great fight. Tito has really learned from this fight.

2. UFC 3 The American Dream: Royce Gracie .vs. Kimo Leopoldo, amazing and one of the weirdest fights I have ever seen in the UFC. Royce pulls out Kimos hair lol. But a great fight Royce was exausted after this fight and had to give up after this fight. Really great fight. I loved it.

3. UFC 10 The Tournament: Mark Coleman .vs. Don Frye, one of the best fights in the UFC, no joke. Mark Coleman proves hes a beast with his ground and pound game. After seeing this fight you will know why Coleman is one of the best ever in the UFC.

4. Ultimate Fighter Finale 1: Forrest Griffin .vs. Stephan Bonnar, although I dislike and think both of them aren't very good this fight is classic. Both exchange blows for three rounds, pure classic.

5. UFC 19 Ultimate Young Guns: Tito Ortiz .vs. Guy Mezger, awesome fight where the Shamrock and Tito rivalry begins after the fight. But a great fight Tito proves he is a great fighter by picking up a huge win.

6. UFC 44 Undisputed: Randy Couture .vs. Tito Ortiz, amazing fight. Tito starts off good but ends up being dominated for the next four rounds. Total non-stop action. Amazing fight.

7. UFC 52 Liddell .vs. Couture 2: Matt Hughes .vs. Frank Trigg 2, Trigg comes out and begins destroying Hughes until Hughes gets out of a choke and returns the favour. A back and forth fight. Fantastic. Frank Trigg apoligizes to Hughes after getting beat lol.

8. UFC 15 Collision Course: Randy Couture .vs. Vitor Belfort, although Vitor was sick and all this was a great fight. At the time Vitor was unstoppable and defeated guys like Tank and Wanderlei in a minute. But a great fight, ends pretty brutal. Vitors streak comes to an end.

9. UFC 5 Return of the Beast: Ken Shamrock .vs. Royce Gracie 2, another great fight for 35 straight minutes. Shamrock dominates Royce but too bad there were no judges. But a great fight Royce proves he is a beast in this fight by not giving up. One of my favourite fights of all time.

10. UFC 18 Road to the Heavyweight Title: Bas Rutten .vs. Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, another great fight. Bas literally dominates Kohsaka for ten minutes before ending him in 15 minutes with a brutal knockout. Just an amazing and one heck of a fight.
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