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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
I learn something new every day. Can't they just piss in the alley like civilized people?

Going to judo in a few. I'm going to get there early, as we are encouraged to do, so we can stand around and bullshit, b/c according to my sensei, "judo is social." Then I watch the women who paid $75 over and above their gym membership to do partner pad work watch me go to work. I frolic in the mist of their sweet jealousy.
Cool, I just switched from Judo to BJJ/Submission wrestling & found that class to be way more social then the Judo class. Acually that is probably the biggest reason that I switched. I really do wish there was a class of all 3 or just every kind of grappling available in one class. Grappling has made me addicted & I almost regret "wasting" a bunch of time on Taekwondo & Muay Thai.....but then I think about it and nah, it's just all F-ing awsome but I do regret all those years doing nothing & only going to a regular wheightlifting gym. Damn I could have been a brownbelt by now!
How long have you been doing Judo swp?

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