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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
are you really seriously comparing the high of Kimbo's success in MMA to that of Fedor.

Well with the power of the Dana White Hate and discredit Band Wagon headed straight at Fedor, this has turned a large number of followers against him, note how the same never happened to Chuck Liddell or Wanderlei Silva, who both suffered far worse falls yet because they where still making money for Dana he did not point his hate band wagon and turn the fans against them.

This situation to me just shows what a bunch of mindless ass holes most MMA fans are, and how easily they are lead by marketing and hype, and this goes for large numbers who will maybe read this and post on this forum as well, because its a very sad but true fact that a lot of the MMA community has turned it back on Fedor and what he accomplished in the sport.

I think part of the problem with MMA is the UFC following are much more WWE like structure in its promotion, hence they have won a lot of old WWE fans and what would have been WWE fans if not for the other option of the UFC, and hype is everything in the WWE so they care about this more than MMA and in a sense the Hype and Storyline behind fight and beating big names that are hyped up and various other name building strategies, means more than shear talent, and this is what they pay to see so its what DW gives them.

UFC100 marked the end of the path in my eyes when the UFC chose to turn its path in much more of a WWE like direction based on hype and steer more away from a legit sport, would not have took such bad illness on the sport if they had only let someone else rise whos focus was on the sport which we had with Strikeforce, but now its plain obvious that Zuffa will do anything to stop another promotion from rising, which is why the main base of MMA needs to leave the states in order to develop as a internationally respected sport like boxing.
I clearly stated I wasn't comparing Fedor and Kimbo as fighters.

About your comment being lead by marketing and hype... are you kidding me? Fedor was the most carefully marketed and managed fighter in MMA history.

What other fighter in MMA had their management choose every sinlge one of their opponents?

If anything Pride was the most like WWE, with matches that were proven to have been fixed, judges who gave decisions to fan favorites, and refs that stood fights up to entertain fans.
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