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Too many LOSERS in muay thai and mma

I have been training martial arts for a long time and I have come to find that right now, at this point in time, there are real low life wannabes training in mma or muay thai. I have more respect for boxers. I feel this way because I see it, I see the a$$ holes in the the gym everyday that try and act tough because they watch mma and all of a sudden they are Anderson Silva, in your dreams buddy. The other day we did sparring in a kickboxing session ( I don't call it muay thai because i'm sick of all the losers who say they train muay thai, if your a real muay thai person you fight with elbows knees and the whole nine yards) and some prick was watching us spar, this guy bangs his gloves and goes hard in training but he doesn't put his damn head gear on to throw down. If you look at him he tries to stare you down like your the one who has to say something. So I say f*ck all these douche bags because they are wannabes who talk behind your back. I'd rather play football against these dirt bags and ram my head into their face.
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