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I think its all about find a gym you like and finding training partners that you like and then just been happy with working with them and not really worrying about why other people may join up and try there hand at MMA, as far as I am concerned the more people who want to try at the gym where I train the better, its better for the Gym because they are helping to support the club and even if say 5 guys try it out and only 1 is any good then thats still good because you still train with who you train with anyway and maybe for every 5 fighters that join or 50 even, if out of that you find another good guy to train with then its still a good thing.

Hell I am having the most fun right now training on my back garden with a guy I work with from Latvia who is a Judo black belt and has competed in and won Sambo tournaments back in Latvia before he moved over here to the UK, when we roll together he subs me with ether an arm bar or a ankle lock near every time and its just great fun, he refuses to stand and spar with me tho which is a shame because I would love to see what he has got on his feet but he only likes the ground game and just rolls with me for fun with no real desire to improve his own ground skill, he just likes to stay sharp, wasted talent I think cos if he stand then I know guys that could get him competing but its not his dreams to do so.

Strange techniques off the back used in Sambo when you are only used to BJJ, because he never pulls full guard, half guard yes because he does not want to give up side control, but he will opt for the butterfly guard every time instead of full guard and 9 times out of 10 he pull a sweep just when you think you can pass to side, but maybe thats just because he is 10 times better at Sambo than I am at BJJ which would seem like a fair assessment, but I have never rolled with with such a great success rate at pulling off sweeps against me.

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