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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
And the runner-up prize is - getting drunk! :P
Not to shabby

Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
And the booby prize is getting drunk and banging a tranny.

I mean... urr... what's this game?

Well.. I believe that would be considered losing. The game is to get drunk and bang a chick but there are several rules to follow.

1. To win, the girl you bang must be within 2/10 of your x/10 rating. To determine such a rating ask your friends honestly or guess a number you believe is correct and subtract one. If she is better than you, you win with honors and are to be congratulated with high fives and possibly a free drink. If she is 2/10 or more below you, the win becomes a "push" unless she buys over 50% of your drinks, them the win would stand.

2. If you can drive a car without worry of going to jail you are not drunk enough or if you can't walk or have fuzzy vision and still feel you meet this requirement you qualify for an epic win.

3. If you bang the girl in the bathroom you get bonus points.

4. If she has a cock, you lose. If you approach a potential mark from behind and immediately realize she has a cock you may walk away and deny such an occurrence to friends but you are barred 24hours from a L-win.

5. You may only buy the girl two drinks only or your win becomes a
"push". This is not a limit on how much she can drink, only how many your money can purchase.

6. If she is 2/10 over you or a 10/10 (confirmed) you win regardless of other rules. If you meet all requirements for each rule your win is considered "Legendary".

7. If you get arrested you lose. If you satisfy the first three rules you may qualify for an "Epic" win.

8. You nor anyone you expected to see this evening my violate the drink rule.

9. She must be conscious and consenting.

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