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Originally Posted by limba View Post
I will frame this and put in my room.

I will call it...."THE ESSENCE OF LIFE"

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
The game has one faulty rule. If you bang a girl 2 higher or 10/10 your legendary, but if your already an ugly 2 or 3 then the girl will also still be an ugly 4 or 5. How is that lenendary? I could get 4's with a mask on lmao
The thing is that a legit 2-3 is bad. I mean really bad. Like 30 year old neck beard fat guy with terribad acne can get 2/10. If this guy is getting laid at all is winning. I mean girls can do better than they are a lot easier than a guy can IMO. And now this guy has to perform in a bar/club and focus fire the ugliest chicks there only to be rejected. A 4/10 girl can probably still pull like a 6/10 guy whose been drinking. I feel like it'd be fair because of how much harder a guy like that would have doing it, even with typical muggy bar rats. Have you ever tried to get a 3/10 300lbs guy laid? I don't mean Brock lesnar 300lbs, I mean "has cheetos listed under hobbies on Facebook" 300lbs, bloody hard.

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